With 18 years experience, we’re clearly passionate about digital marketing.
  • UK Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • We understand digital marketing – 18 years’ experience.
  • We understand small businesses – We are one, so of course we do.
  • We understand financial constraints – We can structure a campaign to suit your budget.

Small businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet to reach out to new customers. Today you need a professional website with a dominant position in the search engines, alongside good social connections if you want to be in with a chance to win new customers, and reach out to your existing customers.

We specialise in working with small businesses to ensure their web presence works to win over new customers, and to ensure their business can be found. If you would like help with the Internet side of your business then we’d be happy to talk with you.

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About us


Since 1997, Company Director Simon Smith has been working in the digital world of the Internet. He started his journey with learning to code and build websites, and then advertised and marketed these websites. Back then though, getting listed at the top of the search engine required the digit 1 to be placed at the beginning of your page title, yes websites we’re listed alphabetically. This was all pre the .com crash in 2000 and back then it was impossible to get listed on Google, simply because Google didn’t exist.

Thankfully, things have moved on from those early beginnings, and the internet has improved enormously since. But these improvements have come at the cost of complexity. Getting listed on Google now means you have to understand a set of intricate rules,  and these rules are not shared by Google, and then, at any time, without notice, Google can then change the rules.

At AdRapport, we immerse ourselves in the complexities of the Internet today, so that you don’t have to.


Website Design & Development

Your website represents your business, and first impressions count as they say. So make sure your website creates the right impression for you and your business. We’ve been putting together websites since 1997, so we can certainly help you with this. Find out more…

Website Marketing

Now that you have your website, you now need to tell people about it, in fact, you are likely to need a loud mega phone to reach out to prospective customers. This is where we come in, and again, we’ve been doing this since 1997. Find out more…

Website Maintenance

Great, your website is up and running, and visitor numbers are increasing, now you have to keep content up to date and relevant, along with the technology. Let us worry about the technical aspects of maintaining a website, so that you can continue running your business.  Find out more